Key Benefits of Cloud Computing

Key Benefits of Cloud ComputingCloud Computing may be defined in simple terms as a model for enabling a hassle-free, on-demand network access for a shared pool of numerous configurable computing resources (such as servers, networks, applications, services, and storage) which can be swiftly provisioned and also released with very minimum service provider interaction or management effort.

The economy of scale which goes with cloud computing when talking about a pool of readily configurable computing resources is one of the significant benefits of cloud computing.

The benefits of cloud computing also clearly include big cost savings that tag along with the economy of scale. There are also a multitude of other benefits associated with cloud computing. Let us take a brief look at the various benefits of cloud computing.

  • No Capital Expenditures: Regardless of which cloud computing option you choose, be it the outsourced private cloud or the public cloud, cloud computing offers a much better cash flow by doing away with the capital expenditures associated with investing in a server infrastructure.
  • Lower Costs: Cloud computing pools up all the computing resources that can easily be distributed to the various applications as needed, thus optimizing the use of the computing resources and also delivering better utilization and efficiency of the shared infrastructure as a whole.
  • Scale on Demand – You can easily add CPU, RAM and storage capacity as needed as the size of your applications grow. What this means is “pay as you use” when it comes to cloud computing and scale up as your application demands grow.
  • Deploy Your Projects Faster: Owing to the fact that severs can be added or removed in a short time in the cloud computing model, very less will be required for deploying a new application. Instead of purchasing, installing and networking new server hardware, a new server can easily be dialled up and added in through the self-serve control console. With a private cloud it is even better. With a single call or support ticket, your service provider would dial up a new server for you.
  • Resiliency and Redundancy: One of the key benefits associated with a private cloud deployment would be the fact that you are provided with automatic failover between the hardware platforms and disaster recovery services for bringing up your server set in a separate and isolated data center should you face outage with your primary data center.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: The lower maintenance costs are driven by a couple of factors – less hardware and outsourced Information Technology staff. By making use of less physical resources, you have less hardware to maintain. You dispense with the need to have server, network, storage and IT staff in an outsourced cloud computing model where all these resources are provided by your service provider.

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