So really, what is Cloud Computing?


There is a lot of buzz in Australian business groups  about cloud computing at the moment and we are always being asked, what is cloud computing? Basically Cloud computing can be defined as the delivery of computing as a service wherein shared resources, information, and software are made available to computers and other peripheral devices as a utility over an Internet network. Cloud computing offers software, computation, storage devices and data access services that don’t require the user to know about the configuration or physical location of the system which is offering the services. Cloud computing is actually a new concept that has redefined the usage and delivery model for the Information Technology services that is based on Internet protocols.     Cloud computing typically involves providing dynamically scalable and most often virtualized resources to the users. It is actually a byproduct and result of the ease-of-access for remote computing sites offered by the Internet. This could often be in the form of web-based applications or tools that the users will be able to access and make use of through an Internet browser just as though the applications, programs or tools are installed locally in their own computers The cloud hosting or cloud computing service providers offer the resource applications and applications via the Internet and these can be accessed using a web browser. The data and business software are however stored on servers located at a remote place. In a few cases, the legacy applications, a line of business applications which have till now been widely prevalent in the thin client Windows computing, are actually delivered via screen-sharing technologies, while all the computing resources actually are consolidated in a remotely located data center. In a few other cases, the entire business applications are coded making use of web-based technologies like AJAX. Most of the typical cloud computing infrastructures these days … [Continue reading...]