What is Cloud Computing and how does it benefit your Business?


If you are wondering what 'cloud computing' really means, and how it can benefit your business, then you have come to the right place. Cloud computing is location-independent computing in which shared servers deliver necessary resources, software applications, and data to computers and other gadgets on demand. Cloud computing is a purely natural evolution of the extensive acceptance of virtualization, service-oriented architecture and utility computing. Clouds can be identified as private, public and hybrid clouds . Go Cloud Computing offers all combinations of cloud computing to suit your needs. Let us now review how each model works. A public cloud is a traditional cloud computing model in which a service provider makes necessary resources like, for example, application packages and storage, readily available to the general public across the Internet. Public cloud computing services can be fully free or be furnished on a pay-per-usage model. The primary advantages of employing a public cloud service are: Simple and cost-effective set up since hardware equipment, bandwidth and application expenses are handled by a cloud hosting provider. Expandability to satisfy necessities. No wasted resources considering that you only pay for what you use. Private cloud computing actually is a promotional expression for a proprietary processing architecture which offers hosted services for a restricted number of people behind a firewall software. Developments in virtualization and distributed computing have made the corporate network system and datacenter system administrators to turn to service providers like Go Cloud Computing who meet the needs of their "clients" inside the company. Promotional marketing which uses the term "private cloud" is fashioned to appeal to a business which desires or would like far more control upon their data as compared with what they will be able to secure by using a third-party hosted service solution. Another type, the … [Continue reading...]

So really, what is Cloud Computing?


There is a lot of buzz in Australian business groups  about cloud computing at the moment and we are always being asked, what is cloud computing? Basically Cloud computing can be defined as the delivery of computing as a service wherein shared resources, information, and software are made available to computers and other peripheral devices as a utility over an Internet network. Cloud computing offers software, computation, storage devices and data access services that don’t require the … [Continue reading...]