Is Security for Cloud Computing an Area of Concern?

Is Security for Cloud Computing an Area of Concern?Cloud computing has definitely been one of the most novel innovations in the recent times.

It could well appear to be a leap of faith in order to put all your valuable applications and data in the cloud, and also to trust a third party for providing the security for cloud computing.

Faith cannot be a part of the equation when it comes to cloud computing security.

Every company has to recognize that its applications and data are very secure, and the questions concerning the security for cloud computing must be well addressed.

As a matter of fact, the cloud computing does indeed offer numerous security advantages. The important cloud computing security advantages would include:

  • The cloud homogeneity renders simpler the security testing/auditing
  • Migrating public data to the external cloud minimizes the risk of sensitive internal data exposure
  • Disaster Recovery / Redundancy
  • The clouds feature automated security management

The cloud computing service providers, as an inherent part of their cloud computing business models, always tend to incorporate rigorous cloud computing security that would often be a lot more than what individual users generally do. It is not simply a matter of the cloud computing service providers implementing better security for cloud computing, the point rather is the cloud computing service providers implement security precautions which the individual companies should, but pretty often just don’t.

The basic nature of the cloud platform would be that it imposes common software elements which could be utilized by the individual companies for “bolting on” their applications dispensing with the need to develop them from scratch. This is one of the prime advantages of the cloud computing security.

The Platform as a Service (PaaS) aspect of cloud computing offers an elegant solution for the cloud computing security problem by deploying a standard cloud security model for managing user authorization and authentication, secure storage, role-based access, privacy and multi-tenancy policies. As a result, all PaaS applications that run on the common cloud computing platform stand to benefit from the cloud platform’s robust and standardized security model.

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