How to choose the right Services in Cloud Computing

How to choose the right Services in Cloud ComputingMost people cannot precisely define what is cloud computing, though the chances are that they would have heard a lot about cloud computing and probably are also using the different services in cloud computing in one form or other. What makes the cloud computing hard to define is the fact that it can be utilized in numerous ways.

To keep things simple, let us consolidate the services in cloud computing as follows:

  • SaaS – Software as a Service,
  • PaaS – Platform as a Service, and
  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service.

All these services in cloud computing share a few common features. These services are all cost effective, on-demand, scalable and secure. These services are completely managed by the cloud computing service providers like Go Cloud Computing and the end users can hence focus on their core business instead of maintaining their hardware, software or applications.

 Let us now take a detailed look at these services in cloud computing and how they can be utilized.

1. SaaS – Software as a Service: Essentially, SaaS is software offered to end users via the internet and can be accessed from anywhere. SaaS can be customized to suit end user requirements. SaaS is very cost effective and also low on maintenance because the SaaS providers manage the servers that host the software in order to ensure performance and availability. The SaaS providers also take care of the software upgrades and the product security.

Examples of SaaS include CRM tools (like Salesforce), project management tools, banking services, retail point of sale, CAD/CAM, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc….

2. PaaS – Platform as a Service: PaaS is quite possibly the most nebulous term related to cloud computing. Even the service providers selling the service appear to have differing definitions as to what PaaS is. PaaS is actually referring to the application development platforms wherein the development tool is hosted in the cloud, and is accessed and deployed via the internet. The PaaS service is maintained wholly by the PaaS service provider.

Examples of PaaS include AppEngine (from Google), Long Jump, Bungee Connect, Wavemaker etc… It is typically the application developers who are more familiar with the PaaS platforms.

3. IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service: IaaS is perhaps the most flexible of all cloud models. IaaS offers fully scalable computing resources like the CPU, RAM, and storage space, thus enabling companies to design scalable on demand Information Technology systems. The IaaS service provider undertakes the responsibility to maintain uptime on all the systems including broadband, power, and other associated hardware.

No matter what your requirements are, Go Cloud Computing offers credible and reliable services in cloud computing.

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