Business Cloud Computing Services

Business Cloud Computing Services

With all the talk about the business cloud computing services, and an increasing understanding of its worth and importance, there are a few basic measures that need to be taken before migrating your business application to the cloud. Owing to the sophistication involved in migration, most companies presently look to outsource this task – business cloud computing – to expert cloud migration consultants like Go Cloud Computing who execute these tasks on a daily basis as their only focal point.

For enterprises moving computing resources and tools to the cloud, and ISVs interested in SaaS-enabling application delivery, Go Cloud Computing has a set of Cloud Enablement Services to ease and accelerate your migration to the cloud. Go Cloud Computing Managed Cloud Services allow on-demand scalable provisioning of IT services which would include applications, networks, storage and servers. You would get unique enterprise IT gains that tap into the root of Go Cloud Computing enterprise and application infrastructure management capabilities.

Designed exclusively to fulfill enterprise IT needs, Go Cloud Computing presents services on best-of-breed modern technology infrastructure from top manufacturers and as well one of the sector’s most effective SLAs. Regardless of whether aiding seasonal processing demand spikes, creating sturdy and cost-effective software application testing and development environments, or developing complete application life-cycle supervision for mission-critical enterprise applications, Go Cloud Computing presents today’s premiere economical enterprise-class infrastructure option.

Go Cloud Computing Business Cloud Computing Services include aspects like:

  1. Enterprise Cloud Preparedness Appraisal
  2. Enterprise Cloud Migration and Integration
  3. Enterprise Cloud Optimization

Enterprise Cloud Preparedness Assessment

Unsure how you can best approach the migration to the cloud? Go Cloud Computing experts will work closely with you to come up with a roadmap for the migration of your infrastructure and products to the cloud. Our team assesses all mission-significant technical, economic, and enterprise factors in order to evolve a plan which would ensure your success.

Technical Assessment: Go Cloud Computing analyzes your organization’s current IT infrastructure and software applications to establish IT services best suited to the cloud.

  1. Our analysis encompasses crucial architectural and scalability concerns, including modular design, Web server threads or application systems, and I/O and database transactions. We also examine vital application interfaces, like Web based services, to establish the optimal cloud migration path.
  2.  Monetary Assessment: Go Cloud Computing understands that economic circumstances will play a major role in the decision to migrate to the cloud. Go Cloud Computing works with you to develop comprehensive TCO and ROI models which offer monetary justification for migrating to the cloud.
  3. Business and Application Examination: Would you need to re-engineer your business procedures to take advantage of the cloud? Do you need to satisfy particular regulations, like for example HIPAA, PCI and GLBA? Go Cloud Computing works jointly with you to detect and tackle crucial readiness issues.

Enterprise Cloud Preparedness Evaluation

For enterprises wanting to migrate to the cloud, Go Cloud Computing has acknowledged skill sets in lifecycle supervision and managed services to guarantee a smooth migration to the cloud. Go Cloud Computing renders a refined migration approach – especially developed for migrating infrastructure and applications to a cloud delivery model whilst mitigating risk – which covers an array of standards, including:

  1. Physical to Virtual Migrations: In case you are migrating from a devoted server atmosphere, Go Cloud Computing can assist with the physical to virtual migration. We utilize VMware tools and resources to migrate your functions and servers into a VMware-powered virtual environment.
  2. Project Management and On-Boarding: Our managed services and lifecycle supervision working experience has indeed fine-tuned our methodology for handling customer migrations to cloud-hosted infrastructures. Our method is specifically tailored for migrating applications and infrastructure to a cloud delivery model whilst greatly minimizing your risk in the process.
  3. Hybrid Cloud Models: We furnish versatile cloud solutions, acknowledging that businesses might want to just a few – not all – of their IT infrastructure and services to the cloud. Our CES works in concert with you for making sure that your on-premises infrastructure and applications are entirely integrated with cloud-based resources. If you require cloud, on-premises, or dedicated hosting centered application functions integrated, then our integration specialists can certainly aid.

Enterprise Cloud Optimization

With a cloud delivery model, monthly charges are based on actual computing resources used. Hence, it’s crucial that cloud-empowered applications work efficiently. Go Cloud Computing renders the below optimization services:

  1. Performance Tuning: Go Cloud Computing application professionals present work performance tuning suggestions to make sure that you capitalize on the cloud investment.
  2. Load Diagnostic Testing: Load diagnostic testing simulates high traffic volume level for a large number of simultaneous end users. Go Cloud Computing’s load diagnostic testing service solution covers elaborate evaluation and reporting that determines when additional processing resources would be needed.

Go Cloud Computing can be your one-stop solution for your business cloud computing needs.

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