Cloud Hosting Services


The private cloud hosting decision is much like any other managed server hosting service decision. The private cloud hosting plans vary from service provider to service provider; nevertheless, most providers would offer different plans to match the individual needs and applications. Please check the Go Cloud Hosting website for excellent private cloud hosting plans and pricing. The positive aspects of Go Cloud Hosting’s private cloud hosting service include features like: Absolutely no capital expenditure is necessary. The hosting provider will practically make all of the staffing and capital investments and the private cloud is provided at a fixed monthly fee based on the plans you opt for. Totally managed - absolutely no necessity to engage any office staff to handle the server hardware equipment, storage, off-site back-up, virtual servers or data center infrastructure. A new server could be put in place with just a phone call Compliance - if the hosting provider comes with SAS-70 conformity, or renders PCI or HIPAA compliant products and solutions, you may well piggy-back on their compliance work instead of starting fresh with your own audits Offsite disaster recovery - some private cloud hosting providers can furnish off-site disaster recovery for just a small fraction of the cost of building it internally and this is possible because they will be able to share the disaster recovery hardware across several users. Maintain and support the configuration, hypervisor layer and infrastructure at all times. Provide industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and assurances that are clear and fair. … [Continue reading...]

What is Cloud Computing and how does it benefit your Business?


If you are wondering what 'cloud computing' really means, and how it can benefit your business, then you have come to the right place. Cloud computing is location-independent computing in which shared servers deliver necessary resources, software applications, and data to computers and other gadgets on demand. Cloud computing is a purely natural evolution of the extensive acceptance of virtualization, service-oriented architecture and utility computing. Clouds can be identified as … [Continue reading...]

Cloud Computing in Australia has finally arrived.


Cloud Computing is the buzzword in the corridors of the Information Technology (IT) arena. There are multiple views and opinions with regard to cloud computing. Some people are of the opinion that cloud computing service is indeed the future of Information Technology. A lot of Information Technology experts are expressing their excitement with regard to how the "cloud" can easily provide an easier, simpler and swifter IT experience. Cloud computing in Australia is beginning to catch on in a big … [Continue reading...]

Do Small Business managers need to consider Cloud Computing?


Cloud computing is one of the fairly recent developments in the world of Information Technology (IT). The cloud computing represents a brand new model for utilization and delivery IT services. Cloud computing offers a broad range of computing resources and hosting services that can be easily accessed using a web browser. Let us now see the relevance of cloud computing model for small businesses. Most small business owners do face problems when it comes to the IT aspects of their companies, in … [Continue reading...]

Selecting Your Reliable Cloud Computing Partner


Being a market leader in cloud computing and Information Technology (IT) solutions, The team at Go Cloud Computing work together with small and big companies to offer verified IT consulting solutions when it comes to cloud computing business models. Making use of our crew of committed IT experts, companies gain from our extensive understanding of information transfer, safety measures, online enterprise and network system approach. Read further and discover the reasons why Go Cloud Computing will … [Continue reading...]

What Are The Benefits of Cloud Computing Technology?

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The cloud computing is essentially considered as the next big thing in computer trends that is revolutionizing the manner how the existing Information Technology infrastructure within companies is run and developed. The strong fundamentals of the cloud computing infrastructure have definitely won over the Chief Information Officers (CIOs) of a few of the largest organizations in the world. Mind you, these once-skeptical CIOs have in fact never looked back after fully understanding and … [Continue reading...]

Cloud Computing For Small Business


Cloud computing is certainly the technology of the future, for better or for worse. Businesses, small and big, and the industry as a whole is pushing forward with the cloud computing technology. Even though cloud computing has its share of concerns with regard to stability, security, and data ownership, cloud computing for business at its very best permits businesses to unshackle the day-to-day operations from the in-house, local datacenter. The cloud computing business model is pretty much … [Continue reading...]

So really, what is Cloud Computing?


There is a lot of buzz in Australian business groups  about cloud computing at the moment and we are always being asked, what is cloud computing? Basically Cloud computing can be defined as the delivery of computing as a service wherein shared resources, information, and software are made available to computers and other peripheral devices as a utility over an Internet network. Cloud computing offers software, computation, storage devices and data access services that don’t require the … [Continue reading...]