Trends in Private Cloud Computing 2012


Private cloud computing (often called a Virtual Private Cloud or Private Data Center) is a total IT system (e.g. servers, storage, load balancers, firewall programs, etc...) which has been virtualized and hosted within a data center facility. Go Cloud Computing private cloud computing solutions are perfect for establishments which plan to develop a private resource pool dedicated to run their mission-crucial hosted infrastructural facilities. As completely new software applications are deployed, additional virtual machines can be easily allocated inside the pool and some others decommissioned, for a totally dynamic IT environment. Furthermore, if supplementary resources are needed for short term higher-load jobs, compute resources in the pool can be dynamically allocated to the work in order to fulfill your ever changing demands. By working with Go Cloud Computing private cloud computing solutions, you never have to be concerned with regard to your application packages competing for compute resources with those of some other firm; your cloud is entirely devoted for your needs and requirements. Also, private clouds provide more integration and customization utilizing devoted devices (physical servers, network elements) and also render a better level of security that helps enhanced conformity. Go Cloud Computing’s qualified technical team manages your private cloud from all perspectives - Web, OS and DB server governance, virtualization, patching, protection, storage, backups, networking, and firewall software – and you may well concentrate on running your foremost enterprise applications. These aspects are assured by our system level SLAs and 24x7 help. Go Cloud Computing’s private cloud products and solutions make it possible for one to have devoted computer resources for building your very own private cloud infrastructure. With a private cloud, you enjoy total command on how you can allocate server resources within the pool (e.g. CPU, memory) to your … [Continue reading...]

Business Cloud Computing Services

Business on a laptop

With all the talk about the business cloud computing services, and an increasing understanding of its worth and importance, there are a few basic measures that need to be taken before migrating your business application to the cloud. Owing to the sophistication involved in migration, most companies presently look to outsource this task – business cloud computing - to expert cloud migration consultants like Go Cloud Computing who execute these tasks on a daily basis as their only focal … [Continue reading...]

Why use Cloud Computing?


You might be wondering, why use cloud computing, has become the buzzword these days in the Information Technology niche. Well, the reasons are pretty simple. Everyone using the Internet has in fact availed the benefits of cloud computing in one form or other even without their comprehension. For instance, are you aware that Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Docs, YouTube, Facebook etc... do make use of the cloud computing technology to offer their services for you? You are probably now beginning to see … [Continue reading...]

Key Benefits of Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing may be defined in simple terms as a model for enabling a hassle-free, on-demand network access for a shared pool of numerous configurable computing resources (such as servers, networks, applications, services, and storage) which can be swiftly provisioned and also released with very minimum service provider interaction or management effort. The economy of scale which goes with cloud computing when talking about a pool of readily configurable computing resources is one of the … [Continue reading...]

How to choose the right Services in Cloud Computing


Most people cannot precisely define what is cloud computing, though the chances are that they would have heard a lot about cloud computing and probably are also using the different services in cloud computing in one form or other. What makes the cloud computing hard to define is the fact that it can be utilized in numerous ways. To keep things simple, let us consolidate the services in cloud computing as follows: SaaS - Software as a Service, PaaS - Platform as a Service, and IaaS - … [Continue reading...]

Is Security for Cloud Computing an Area of Concern?


Cloud computing has definitely been one of the most novel innovations in the recent times. It could well appear to be a leap of faith in order to put all your valuable applications and data in the cloud, and also to trust a third party for providing the security for cloud computing. Faith cannot be a part of the equation when it comes to cloud computing security. Every company has to recognize that its applications and data are very secure, and the questions concerning the security for cloud … [Continue reading...]